Resources and Prayers for Schools

Sr. Antoinette Dilworth rsj has been busy preparing and sending out resources to both Primary and Secondary schools during this difficult time and uncertainty for teachers and pupils.  These resources are designed to help pupils pray and keep focused.  

You may view these resources below.  

Please click HERE to view ‘Grow in Love’ at a glance – September edition

Exam Prayers 2020

Spiritual Wellbeing Exams 2020

Everyday Prayers Schools 2020

Stories for Schools 2020

The Power of Resurrection (Antoinette Dilworth RSJ)  

God of Ressurection


Mary, Mother of God

Praying with Young People through Covid19

Pentecost 5th & 6th class resource

Gifts of bthe Holy Spirit

Pentecost Reflection for Teachers

Reflection on the Body and Blood of Christ