Thank you for your interest in the Financial Reports for our diocese.  It is my hope that the information provided will help you gain insight to the good works of the Church in the 45 parishes and charitable activities undertaken by the diocese.

To help fulfil an ongoing goal of financial transparency, the annual financial reports as compiled by our auditors, PricewaterhouseCooper can be viewed on this page.

I am committed to making the annual financial reports to the Charities Regulator available in an easy to read format on our website.  Being good stewards of the assets entrusted to us at both parish and diocesan level is key issue to help maintain and build trust with our donors and the wider public.”

Below is a short outline on how the diocese is organised as a dual registration charity and some information on our Diocesan Finance Committee and auditors.

Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore Charities –  CHY6219 CRA -Registered Charity Number: 20010751

This annual return includes all of the activities undertaken at diocesan level, the running of Bishops House and office, St John’s Pastoral Centre, Safeguarding Office, Education, Catechetics, Family Ministry, Lourdes Pilgrimage etc.

Please click on: 2017 Waterford and Lismore Charities Annual Return

Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore Parishes and schools – CHY7241   CRA- Registered Charity Number: 20016142

This annual return comprises the 45 parishes of the diocese and their financial activities.  Though the name of the charity references schools, each school under the Patronage of the Bishop makes individual returns to the Dept. of Education and their financial activity is not reflected in the report.

Please click on:  2016 Waterford and Lismore Parishes and Schools Annual Return


Bishops House deals with all aspects of Diocesan Finance, interacting on a regular basis with the general public, parish offices, other Dioceses, Regulatory bodies and the Irish Episcopal Conference. 

There is an advisory committee, the Diocesan Finance Committee, comprised of both priests and lay personnel that meet quarterly to help oversee the management of diocesan assets and advise the Bishop and trustees of the diocese. 

Bishops House regularly issues Financial Guidelines to parishes and offer guidance to help ensure compliance. A general meeting on finance is usually held each year with all priests of the Diocese with a presentation from our auditors.

The firm of auditors employed by the diocese to analyse and compile the financial information is PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ballycar House, Dunmore Road, Waterford