New Year Message from Bishop Cullinan

We begin a New Year. Praise God! We are presented with new opportunities to live a good life and be the kind of people which we know we can be, but only with God’s grace. If we try to ‘go it alone’ we will surely fail. With God we can do all things. As St. Paul says in Philippians 4:13:
                ‘I can do all things through him who strengthens me.’
        As we endeavour to make one or two resolutions let us remember that we do not make them without God’s help. May they be resolutions which are aimed toward God and make the lives of others better. When we try to love others we love the God who made them.(1Jn, 4:20)
        May God bless you with all the graces you need for the year ahead and may you and I co-operate with those graces and bring joy to ourselves and others.
        God is counting on us to help him in his work of redeeming the world.
There is so much to be done: so many who do not know God or who have forgotten him, so many broken lives and broken families who are looking for hope and guidance, so many in need of comfort, help and prayer. Any great work starts with individuals working to bring about change on a small scale and on a daily basis. So with God’s grace let us do what we can.
I end with a prayer of Pope Francis from his New Year’s message on Jan. 1st this year:

 “Through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, May the Lord allow us to be artisans of peace every day of the new year.”